What is Allah?

The so-called 3 Mosaic religions have different views of and to God.
I describe here the view of the Muslims who have written in their Koran that Allah first came into action as God for the Jews and subsequently became responsible for the religion of the Christians and is now ultimately responsible for the statements in the Koran.
Allah the God of the 3 Mosaic religions is a trickster.
This Allah is unjust and mean.

Allah was so brutal and mean that half of the Jewish people, after crossing the Red Sea, wanted to return to the Egyptian slave house.
As punishment, the brutal Allah let the Jews wander through the desert for 40 years.

The common Allah spared Cain the murderer of Abel, so that he was not killed, and

in the Flood he let people die who had killed zero people, which is unjust.

Just as mean was the same Allah at the Tower of Babel where he wanted to prevent people from succeeding in something positive in the future.

Allah falsely claimed that Israel is the land where milk and honey flow.
Similar to the paradise garden.
However, anyone who has seen photos of Israel 100 years ago knows that neither milk nor honey flowed in streams in Israel and not then 5000 years ago and not today.
It will look similar in the Paradise Garden.

Allah falsely claimed that he wanted to give the land of Israel to the Jews.
However, you do not have to fight for a present.
Seen in this light, Allah has told another lie.

Allah told the Jews, in Exodus 2, that they should not kill, and then he explained to the Jews, among other things, how to build the Ark of the Covenant and use it to conquer foreign cities and expel or kill the former inhabitants.
The same thing was repeated in the 5th book of Moses where Allah once again told the Jews not to kill and in the following book of Joshua the Jews fight again with Allah's consent and the Ark of the Covenant other strangers in other areas of Palestine.
Seen in this way, Allah contradicts Himself.
Anyone who knows the history of the Jewish people knows that all praying was useless.
The Allah of the Jews soon could no longer help the Jews.
In the New Testament with the Christian baptized people there are also nasty things in it, which zero Christian baptized people can adhere to.

Among other things, the Gospel of Matthew states that the wealthy people who want or should follow Jesus should give up all their possessions and follow Jesus as propertyless.
Apparently, Allah only wanted poor people to become Christians.

is in the New Testament, the so-called Revelation of John who was not the Baptist. There is something of the lamb on the throne of Allah and the figure of the lamb is also used in Christianity, possibly because Jesus was born in a sheepfold.
However, a flock of lambs is not particularly intelligent.
Only in Revelation does the lamb become a lion, which is more desirable as an animal comparison with humans.

Whoever hits you on one cheek, hold out the other.
Whoever wants to walk a mile with you, go two miles with you.
(End of quote)

Why should Allah say that if one slaps you on one cheek, then hold out the other? In the lamentations of the Old Testament at 3:30 it says instead that he should turn his cheek to the one who beats him. He should endure the full measure of insults, which is clearer, but no better for Christians.
The Handbook of Muslims which I German Atheist will briefly explain to you below is equally interesting. So everything I say below falls under religious freedom.
Religious freedom, among other things, also allows people not to want to pray to gods. The religion of the Muslims, including Allah, is also one of the so-called three Mosaic religions.
If Allah insults people, then that is legitimate and my fellow human beings will have to endure this, because I look at their Allah from a different direction or from a different point of view.
There are just as many mean things in the Qur'an,

for example, the Koran says that Muslim women should dress like Jewish harlot, well Allah did not write this so directly , but in the Torah in the first book of Moses chapter 38, sentence 14 to 17 is described how Jewish harlot look like and Allah then described in the Koran in the 38th Sura sentences 58 to 61 how the Muslim women should dress, namely just as it says in the Torah about the Jewish harlot.

in Sura 12 sentence 86 it says that the earth is a flat disk.
Muhammad describes that the sun sets in a spring of muddy water and that a people live there.
This was the official state of knowledge in the 7th century.

In Sura 5 sentence 60 it says:
Shall I make known to you what is (still) worse as a reward with Allah? Those whom Allah has cursed and whom He angers and out of whom He has made pigs and who serve false gods. These are in an (even) worse situation and have (even) strayed further from the path.
My Comment:
If Allah has turned the Jews and Christian baptized people into monkeys, the Christian baptized people and the Jewish people wonder. Allah has made a mistake, he has also accidentally turned Muslims into monkeys.
If you put 3 naked women and 3 naked men next to each other for each religion, then unfortunately you cannot see who belongs to which religious group from the completely unclothed person.
If the Muslim monkeys people look the same as the Jewish monkeys people and the Christian monkeys people, then Allah turned all people into monkeys.
However, the behavior of the Muslim monkey-people is particularly negative when they wrote a Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in 1980 which, among other things, states that this declaration is valid within the Muslim signatory states.
The Jews and the Christian baptized people and other people who do not pray to Allah have fewer rights than Muslims according to this declaration, since the Sharia jurisprudence is based on the Koran and the hadiths, according to which Jews and Christian baptized people are inferior creatures who should feel humiliated by Sharia jurisprudence.
The Jews and the Christian baptized people and other people who do not pray to Allah have fewer rights than Muslims according to this declaration, since the Sharia jurisprudence is based on the Koran and the hadiths, according to which Jews and Christian baptized people are inferior creatures who should feel humiliated by Sharia jurisprudence.
(By the way, the Koran and the Hadith stipulate zero punishments, because Allah is all-merciful and all-forgiving, so there should actually be no religious police.)

The believers are slaves from an invisible one.
Allah is invisible, the soul is invisible and the Garden of Paradise as well and of course the devil and hell are invisible. However, humanity should strive for freedom. Free people among the free. Only atheism offers freedom to man.
Live freely, act freely, decide for yourself what you want to do. Lead a self-determined life.
With this, the Muslim monkey-people (or pig-people) have now testified that there is one type of monkey (or pig-people), namely the Muslim monkey-people (or pigs-people), which should stand above all other pig or monkey people species.
Attached is the text of the book "Animal farm" from George Orwell
Thus, this can be zero declaration of human rights. If the Muslim pseudo-people here on earth cannot recognize that the Jews and the Christian baptized people look exactly like themselves in terms of biological structure, then that is pure stupidity and then the
Cairo Declaration of Human Rights is a declaration of human injustice.
Since Muslims are proud that the biologically identical Jews and Christians may be insulted by you under the guise of religious freedom, I would like to point out as an atheist that Muslims are at the intelligence level of monkeys-people, which is too little for a human being.
The Gospels do not say that Christian baptized people should have zero sex with animals, but the Handbook for Jews and the Qur'an say that people should have zero sex with animals, and yet after all warlike battles, Muslim men raped the women of the
enemy who were infidels, who were turned into monkeys-people by Allah. Many Muslim men have already had sex with animals.
Even in today's Europe, Muslims have had sex with animals. Since in the past the Muslims and their deceitful Allah have often chosen the unfriendly way of insult,

I have appropriately chosen this example with pigs or monkey-people.
However, since Allah is not sure whether he has now turned people into pigs, the word monkey also appears in this context in the Koran.
The second Qur'an Suhre says:
And when your Lord said to the angels, "I am about to appoint a governor on earth," they said, "Do you want to appoint someone on her to do mischief and shed blood on her, when we praise You and sing praise to Your Holiness?"
He said, "I know what you don't know."
(End of quote)
At this point, one feels easily reminded of the Allah of the Old Testament who wanted to prevent the Tower of Babel from being built and thus prevent people from understanding each other well.

I assume that people are ill-advised to do what the trickster Allah, the God of the three Mosaic religions, wants. Intelligent people will voluntarily want to renounce the religious war.
At this point, even as a Muslim, remember once again that this God also deceived the Jews when he said "milk and honey flows in Israel" or remember the peculiar gift of the State of Israel, which the Jews then had to fight for through wars against cities.
Allah, the God of Muslims, has acknowledged in the Qur'an that Jesus is descended from the Holy Spirit. In Islam, Jesus is to be regarded according to the Prophet Mohammed.
Jesus is God's Spirit:
"Christ Jesus, Son of Mary, is only the Messenger of God and His Word, which He gave to Mary and Spirit of Him (rūḥ min-hu)."
Surah 4:171
So now we know that the Moslems and Allah proudly wanted to degrade Jesus, and yet Jesus walked here on earth as the Spirit of God. So the Spirit of God can walk through the land on two legs.
I assume that people are ill-advised to do what the trickster Allah of the three Mosaic
religions wants. Intelligent people will voluntarily want to renounce the religious war.
Of course, one could also say in this entire text that Allah has turned all humans into apes and if Muslims seek friendly nonviolent communication, then in the future all humans will only be apes or descended from apes according to the teachings of Darwinism.
God is invisible the soul of man is invisible and the Garden of Paradise is invisible.
Can it be intelligent to submit to the bid of an Unseen One?
Thus, I think the social order of atheistic socialism would be the better worldview or religion based on the teachings of Karl Marx.
The dictatorship of the proletariat, however, must never happen again, which treated the intelligentsia worse than the proletarians (workers).
In the future, we will probably need a dictatorship of the intelligentsia, in a democratic socialism.
Then socialism can become a paradise garden on earth.
In the socialist states that once existed in Europe, people liked to swim naked on the beach or lake and played ball games or the like completely naked on the beach or on the meadow. People were not ashamed of their nakedness, neither in front of their fellow human beings nor in front of so-called gods.