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Russia Ukraine Conflict

We currently have many governments in Europe that like arms deliveries to the Ukrainian government and operate them wisely. All the states of the world that supply weapons to Ukraine find the ethnic genocide of the Russians in Ukraine by Ukrainians with weapons of the NATO states positive, which is intolerable and despicable for mentally normal people.
The state USA is a multi-ethnic state, but they have relatively few Muslims and in this respect they do not know the problem of the persecution of Christians by Muslims, while this is sad everyday life even in the NATO state of Turkey.

Americans can successfully hide the truth.
How stupid do people in Europe and or the USA have to be in order to find, tolerate or even support the ethnic genocide that has been taking place in Ukraine for 8 years?
The current government in Ukraine is a criminal government that oppresses people of a different ethnicity in Ukraine, deprives those who withhold wages and pensions and prohibits them from speaking their own language by law. Even if the USA financially supported the coup in Ukraine in 2014 and also sent US mercenaries to Ukraine to overthrow the democratically elected president, the European NATO states should have the courage to terminate their allegiance to the Americans and simply say no. You don't have to like it. The majority of people in Ukraine do not like this either, as can be seen from the voter turnout. In the last elections of the government, the voter turnout was fortunately below 50 percent, according to Wikipedia.

Short Movie over the Ukrain Conflict

The world is unjust

Ethnic Russians can complain as they please about the injustice of the war in Donbas and Lugansk, but the NATO states ignore this injustice.

In Donbas and Lugansk, peaceful civilians who had not inflicted violence on anyone were declared terrorists by the Ukrainian government and subsequently fought.
I consider this to be an injustice under the eyes of the world public and the completely irresponsible NATO states.

Russia Press Conference concluding Security Council presidency -28 Feb 2022- (Length: 1 hour)

"Ukraine on fire" from Oliver Stone, movie from 2016
( Length: 1,5 Std. )

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer