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NATO military operations since the end of 2nd World War

Ukraine Conflict – Ukraine and axis of good is probably a farce, huh?
Ukrainians have killed 15,000 Russians on ethnic grounds since the Maidan coup.
Ukrainians have partially denied ethnic Russians social benefits such as pension payments, wages and salaries.

Speaking the Russian language is prohibited in Ukraine on public roads and in public buildings.
The Russians were humiliated, deliberately treated worse and Ukrainian people
marched through the streets of Odessa and chanted "Death to all Russians".
(To be found in the film: "Remember Odessa – by Wilhelm Domke Schulz", unfortunately only in Russian with German subtitles).

Most Russian newspapers and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov call the Ukrainian government Nazis, as did the German news program ARD tagesthemen in 2014.

( Even migrant nationalists can perform unpleasant acts.
In Ukraine, a Holocaust is said to have taken place in Kishinev between the years 1903-1911, in which, according to the then New York Times, 5 to 6 million Jews were exterminated.
(Film by Don Heddesheimer – The Origin of the 6 Million Number))

Meanwhile, the number of victims has been drastically revised downwards, as in the Auschwitz concentration camp and other concentration camps.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported in 2014 about US mercenaries in Ukraine and also the German state television ARD reported on US sponsored vehicles etc.

– 2014 Report on US Mercenaries in Ukraine

ARD reports on neo-Nazis who are carrying out the coup in Ukraine
The mainstream media hysteria against Russia in 2022 is inappropriate.
Perhaps historical truths are more important than submitting to the current repression?
Who is to blame?
Does NATO Has US imperialism in the game? NATO eastward expansion although there were agreements with Russia to renounce such plans. The Americans do not want to see Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba and the Americans in return renounce nuclear missiles on the borders with Russia.
Since the end of the Second World War, US imperialism, which leads the NATO states, has carried out many wars and so-called military operations, often without a UN mandate and without subsequent
Likewise, the Americans annexed Hawaii to their territory in 1959, of course with a referendum.
The European satellite states of US-led NATO imperialism seem to be brought into line.
Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared on Tuesday on the occasion of an
Islamic holiday that his country is fighting war and destruction all over the world, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported. Iran does not agree with the killing of people and the destruction of infrastructure.
However, Khamenei also reiterated that the US is mainly responsible for the current
crisis in Ukraine:

"Iran supports the end of the war in Ukraine. We want the war to end there, but the solution to any crisis is only possible if the root cause is recognized. The root of the crisis in Ukraine is the crisis-causing policy of the United States, and Ukraine is a victim of this policy."

The US has dragged Ukraine into the current crisis by interfering in the country's internal affairs, staging color revolutions, staging the coup against the former government, and installing a new government.
There are two important lessons to be learned from Ukraine's current situation. First, governments that rely on the US and Europe must recognise that their support is just a mirage. Khamenei compared Ukraine to Afghanistan. The presidents of both countries had relied on the United States, but had been left alone The revolutionary leader declared:

"The population is the most important pillar of governments. This is the second lesson of the situation in Ukraine. If the Ukrainian people had been involved, the Ukrainian government would not be in this situation. The people did not get involved because they do not approve of the government."

Today, the US is an expression of modern ignorance, discrimination, oppression and the creation of crises worldwide. The "U S regime" creates crises and is dependent on them.
Ukraine is another victim of this policy.

"The US regime is a mafia regime. Political, economic and all kinds of mafias control their country and bring presidents to power. They create crises in the world to maximize their profits."
(End of quote)

Military operations and NATO operations since the end of 2nd World War:

For example in 

Egypt in 1953
On the occasion of the Suez crisis

1953 Iran
Operation Ajax (actually TPAJAX, where TP stands for the CIA country prefix of Iran and AJAX for

the cleaner "Ajax" of Colgate-Palmolive refers to a historical and in its kind exemplary for further actions, secret operation of the CIA and the MI6 in August 1953 in Iran, with which Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown and Fazlollah Zahedi as the new Prime Minister should be installed. The plan was approved on July 1, 1953 by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and on July 11, 1953 by American President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Lebanon 1958
The United States intervenes in disputes in Lebanon at the request of Christian President Camille Chamoun.

April 1961 US War of Aggression against Cuba

Laos from 1963 to 1970
The so-called Second Lao Civil War went from 1963 to 1973 and in 1964 the US intervened without reason. Most likely without a UN mandate. On average every eight minutes, the cargo of a Boeing B-52, a total of 260 million bombs, was dropped around the clock, especially over xieng Khouang province, where the plain of the stone jugs is located.
If you look at the topic Korea War on wikipedia, you will notice that this was the Third World War.
The list of participating states is long.21 states from 5 continents supported one of the two warring parties.
At the same time, the Americans started an adventure in Cambodia. In 1970, Cambodian officers under General Lon Nol, with American help, overthrew the government and founded the Republic of Khmer.
Most likely without a UN mandate.

and at some point there was also the Vietnam War

1965 Dominican Republic
The USA violates the right of peoples to self-determination in the case of the Dominicans and once again intervenes in a civil war, while France and Russia protest in vain before the UN against the invasion of the Americans.

Angola 1970
The United States supports the UNITA rebels in their struggle against the Marxist-Leninist MPLA government.

Nicaragua 1982
From 1982: Contras, opponents of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua operating from Honduras, receive illegitimate and illegitimate military and logistical assistance from the United States. Once again, interference in the affairs of foreign states, most likely without a UN mandate.

September 1983

The United States participates in an international peacekeeping force in the Lebanese civil war. The intervention fails after several bloody suicide attacks and the multinational force leaves Lebanon (February/March 1984).

other so-called US military operations

1963 Grenada,
1986 Libya,
1988 Iran
1989 Panama
1990 Liberia
1990 Colombia
1990 Saudi Arabia
1991 Kuwait
1992 Yugoslavia
1992 Iraq
1992 Somalia
1993 Iraq
1994 Haiti
1998 Sudan
1999 Yugoslavia
2001 Afghanistan
2001 Somalia
2003 Iraq
2004 Haiti
2004 Somalia
2011 Libya
2014 Uganda
2014 Liberia
2014 Islamic State
2015 Yemen
2017 Syria
2018 Syria
2020 Iraq

Partly the NATO states are in action together, partly only parts of it.
As a sober observer, I would suspect that the almost war in Ukraine (2022) may have been brought about indirectly by the NATO states.

The propaganda of the Western secret services in cooperation with their governments works perfectly. The Western media often report that Russian refugees are poisoned in England etc. and then die after a long spectacular hospital stay and some opposition members miraculously survive this.
The Western mainstream media makers are certainly the perpetrators: Putin.

If Mr. Putin wanted to get people out of the way, he could arrange it more inconspicuously and cheaply. What interest should the Russian president have in killing so-called dissidents as conspicuously as possible with as much international press hype as possible?

If foreign intelligence services in Iraq overthrew the government in 1953, if there is an interesting film on YouTube from "Zeitgeist – Addendum", in which a former CIA agent reports on activities in Latin America, where it was or still is customary to bring governments to power that are friendly to America, who has his fingers in the game in Ukraine etc. ?

Are the EU states, unfortunately all NATO members, really the great representatives and
defenders of human rights?
AfD members are unthinkable as teachers in public schools in Germany, although the party is legally admitted. Does this fit in with human rights and Article 3(3) of the Basic Law, which states, among other things, that "No one may be favoured or discriminated against on the basis of his political views"?
Does it also apply to German right-wing conservative people, doesn't it?
Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are courted and EU politicians are happy to support them, why not at home in Central Europe?
However, Russia must have the same rights as the United States of America without sanctions.