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I would find it nice if the Koran is banned as a religious manual, or if the text passages
 calling for violence and struggle were deleted and of course I am bothered by the
lies that are spread in the Koran about Jews and Christians.

Unfortunately, every Koranic school teaches the content of the Koran which says Muslims are the best People who live here on earth and lie that Jews and Christians are inferior creatures

Would. Jews and Christians are defamed and discredited by the Muslim idol.
The Muslim religion tells lies about Jews and Christians.

In Sura 2.31 it says:
And when your Lord said to the angels, "I will have a governor on
Earth," they said, "Do you want to have such beings there who
create discord and shed blood on it? - and we praise and praise
You and praise Your Holiness." He replied, "I know what you don't
(End of quote)

(Comment: The muslime fantasy boss deliberately leaves it open here whether he wants to shed discord and blood here on earth.)

In 5 Sura 51 it says:

O you believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians as protectors (friends, confidants)! They are one of the other patrons. And whoever of you takes them as protectors belongs to
them. Certainly, Allah does not properly guide the unjust people.
(End of quote)

5. Sure 64:
And the Jews say, "Allah's hand is shackled." Their (own) hands are handcuffed and they are
cursed for what they say. No! Rather, His hands are (widely) outstretched; ...
(End of quote)

( Comment: the Jews do not care about the hands of the Muslim fantasy deity.
However, the false God Allah lies that Jews and Christians are unjust, yet he is the wrong one.
God the Unjust and the Muslims who pray to the illusion of Allah are unjust and lie like
the illusion of Allah.)

Sura 9 says:
29. Fight against those who do not believe in Allah and not in the Last Day and do not
forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and not the religion of truth
follow - by those to whom the Scriptures have been given - until they take the tribute out of hand (gizya) are docile and docile (submit)!
30. The Jews say, "Ezra is the Son of Allah," and the Christians say, "Christ is the Son of Allah." That are their words from their (own) mouths. They use words similar to those previously
were incredulous. Allah fight them! How they can be (yet) made averted!
(End of quote)

(Comment: There are lies about the Jews and Christians in the Koran.
Both Jews and Christians would never express such nonsense. The fantasy deity of Muslims Allah is a deceiver.
The false God, the falsehood in person unfortunately calls on the faithful Muslims to fight against Jews and Christians, or to fight against all who do not pray to Allah. With those misguided and misguided people, the So Christians here on earth can never live together peacefully.)

Sura 47 The Battle or Muhammad says:
20. And those who believe say, "If only a surah had been revealed!"
But if a clear Sura is sent down and the fight is mentioned in it, you will see
those in whose hearts there is illness, look at you as one who is dying looks
faints. Woe betide you.35. So do not become weak and call (not) to peace, when you will have the upper hand, for Allah is with you, and He will not deprive you of your works.
(End of quote)

In Sura 62 it says, among other things.
6. Say: O ye who belong to Judaism when you claim that you have Allah's protégés under
If you are the exclusion of (other) people, then you wish (you) death if you truly
7. But they never want it because of what their hands have sent ahead. And
Allah knows about the unjust.
(End of quote)

(Comment: The Koran also states that Jews and Christians work together and that Muslims
not to trust those honest people. The Muslims are indirectly taught the doctrine of the
Hatred, which fantasy deity Allah does in any other way by informing the Jews and Christians.
as unjust peoples.)

Continue with 5 Sura 41
O you messengers, do not be made sad by those who rush in unbelief, among those,
who say with their mouths: "We believe", while their hearts do not believe, And under
Those who belong to Judaism, among them there are some who listen to lies, who listen to
other people are listening who have not come to you. They distort the meaning of the words,
according to (the  they were in) their (right) place, and say, "If this is given to you, accept it.
But if this is not given to you, look for yourselves." Whom Allah exposes to temptation
will5, for whom you will not be able to (do) anything against Allah. These are the ones whose hearts Allah did not want to purify. There is shame for them in this world, and in the hereafter there is for them  tremendous punishment;
(Quote End)

(Comment: Once again, Jews and Christians are accused of lying and meaning
of words twisted. Twisting words is more likely to be done by Allah and his Muslims.)

6. Sura 24, 112, 137
Look at how they lie against themselves and (how) they have lost what they are imagining
And so We have appointed enemies to every prophet: the Satans of men and the Ginn, of
to whom one gives the other ostentatious words in deception - and if your Lord had wanted,
they would not have done so; so let them (stand) with what they invent in lies.
And likewise, many of the idolaters have made their partners appear pleasing, their children
to kill them in order to plunge them into ruin and to conceal their religion from them. When Allah they wouldn't have done it. So leave them (alone) with what they come up with in lies!

In Sura 6, 138 and 140, the Jews and Christians are again only accused of lying.
(Quote End)

(Comment: A strange pseudo-god who constantly speaks only of lies and deception, what the idol Allah wants to say about himself? Jesus spoke more of love and positive things, who will be the better God?)

Parties that promote such things in Europe are all prohibited. I don't like what Muslims spread under the guise of religious freedom.