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What Jews and Christians Should Know About Muslims

Dear Ladies and gentlemen, 

I read on the Catholic Church's website that religious freedom is being promoted at a European rabbi conference in Munich.
In his opening speech, Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt called on the European Union not to stop at fighting anti-Semitism. Religious freedom must be guaranteed to ensure a Jewish future.
(End of quote from

That seems strange to me.
I would recommend that the rabbis read the Koran.
Many lies are told about Jews in the Koran.
The Koran calls for a fight against the Jews.

The Koran calls for a fight against all people who do not pray to Allah.
I think freedom of religion should know limits and with the call for genocide by Muslims, their prophets and God, for me the end of religious freedom has been reached.
Jews pray to Yahweh,
Christians pray to Yahweh and Jesus, 
Muslims pray to Allah.

Supposedly, some modern Jews believe that all people pray to one God, but Christians see it differently and the God of the Jews also has a
different name than the God of the Muslims who wants to kill the Jews.

In the Koran it says in the 2nd Sura 216/217:
You are commanded to fight, even if it displeases you; but it is quite
possible that something which is good for you displeases you; and it is quite possible
that something pleases you which is evil for you. Allah knows, but you do not know.

Sura 5:51 says:
O you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians as protectors (friends, confidants)!
They are each other's protectors. And whoever of you takes them as protectors belongs to them.
Surely Allah does not guide the unrighteous people.
/* Comment: The Jewish people are defamed as unjust and the Jews
/* are also defamed in other suras as an unjust people.
/* All Muslims learn from an early age to lie many lies about the Jews (and Christians).

In Suhr 9 it says:
29. Fight against those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden
and do not follow the religion of truth - from those who have been given the Scriptures - until they pay the tribute out of hand (gizya) and
are docile (submit)!
The Jews say: "Ezra is the son of Allah," and the Christians say: "Christ is the son of Allah." These are their words from their (own) mouths.
They speak words similar to those who previously disbelieved. Allah fight them! How they (yet) let themselves be turned away!
/* Again the Muslims are called upon to fight the Jews.
/* Freedom of religion for Muslims may soon be the end for Judaism.

Perhaps the rabbis and chief rabbis could rather advocate that there are limits to freedom of religion as well as to freedom of opinion when it comes to incitement to murder other people?
Perhaps in the present case even all religions would be happy whose followers (members) do not pray to Allah?

The Koran is a chauvinistic anti-Semitic diatribe.

However, there are other negative claims

Discreet criticism of Islam (Koran)
As far as I know, the Muslims claim  that nothing negative can be said about their prophet. I don't do that either, I criticize the god of the Muslims.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

anyone who currently lives in Europe knows various quarrels and problems with Muslims or you hear the fact that in the schools of Europe the light-skinned Christian people are bullied by Muslims, be defamed or even beaten up.
Furthermore, there have already been numerous terrorist attacks on the part of Muslims in Europe, whether in Madrid (Spain), London (United Kingdom), Moscow (Russian Federation), Paris and Nice (France) or in Berlin (Germany) to name just a few examples. Of course, Muslims on other continents such as Africa and America (USA) have already Terrorist attacks carried out. Attacks and beatings against Jews were also carried out by Muslims in Europe.

So I logically asked myself, why are Muslims so aggressive?
I started reading the Koran to understand what was wrong with their religious upbringing.
and I have understood why the Muslims the Jews and Christians, but also others
People who do not hate praying to Allah.

Actually, of course, there are no other religions, but only those of Christianity and thus also the babble about interreligious dialogue inherently wrong. Christians who tolerate religious freedom are also inherently wrong.
These are modern people who do not believe that Jesus and His Father are the only gods.
are in the universe. However, the 10 Commandments state that Christians use the names of other false gods should not pronounce and the book of Joshua says that Christians use the names of other false gods should not even know. A Christian / Jew may therefore call foreign false gods at most superstition (heresy) and acknowledge, but do not respect as God.
Idolatry is like fornication or fornication. The idol is a despicable evil. For Christians, therefore, there are really two gods, which are Jesus and his Father (Yahweh or Jehovah) and in addition, the Holy Spirit, which Catholic doctrine refers to as the Trinity.
But let's get back to the question, what's wrong with The Lives of Muslims?
Unfortunately, every Koranic school teaches the content of the Koran which says Muslims are the best People who live here on earth and lie that Jews and Christians are inferior creatures Would.

Jews and Christians are  defamed and discredited by the Muslim false God.
The Muslim religion tells lies about Jews and Christians.
It is called to fight against Jews and Christians, as for example in the 2nd Sura sentence: 

216/7. The battle is commanded to you, even if you dislike it; but it is probably possible that you dislike something that is good for you; and it is probably possible, that you like something that is bad for you. Allah knows, but you do not know.
(End of quote)

And at 2.31 it says:
And when your Lord said to the angels, "I will have a governor on Earth," they said, "Do you want to have such beings there who
create discord and shed blood on it? - and we praise and praise You and praise Your Holiness." He replied, "I know what you don't
(End of quote)

(Comment: The idol of the Muslims deliberately leaves it open here whether he sheds discord and blood.
here on earth will.)

Also in Surah 2 it says:
35. And We said, "O Adam, dwell you and your wife in the (paradise) garden, and eat of it.
plentiful, wherever you want! But do not approach this tree, otherwise you are one of the unjust!"
36. But Satan removed them from it, and then he drove them out of what they were (blissful)
had been. We said, "Go away! Some of you are the other enemy. And on Earth
you shall have their temporary residence and usufruct." (End of quote)

(Comment: in sentence 35 it says "We said", which means that Allah himself something else otherwise the Koran would have had to say "I" and not "WE". In sentence 36 it says "Satan removed them from the Garden of Paradise and in this context also appears
again the ominous WE on, We said away from the garden of paradise. Here the idol becomes Allah then one with the devil, who is included in the We. The Koran often says the opposite of what is written in the Bible or Torah. In the First Book of Moses, in chapter 38, sentences 14 to 16, it says that whores and prostitutes are given their veiled head and or face, meanwhile in the Koran those women as decent
are described.)

In 5 Surah 51 it says:
O you believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians as protectors (friends, confidants)! They are one of the other patrons. And whoever of you takes them as protectors belongs to them. Certainly, Allah does not properly guide the unjust people.
(End of quote)

5. Sure 64:
And the Jews say, "Allah's hand is shackled." Their (own) hands are handcuffed and they are cursed for what they say. No! Rather, His hands are (widely) outstretched; ...
(End of quote)

( Comment: the Jews do not care about the hands of the Muslim fantasy deity.
However, the false God Allah lies that Jews and Christians are unjust, yet he is the wrong one.
God the Unjust and the Muslims who pray to the illusion of Allah are unjust and lie like
the illusion of Allah.)

Surah 9 says:
29. Fight against those who do not believe in Allah and not in the Last Day and do not
forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and not the religion of truth
follow - by those to whom the Scriptures have been given - until they take the tribute out of hand (gizya)
are docile and docile (submit)!
30. The Jews say, "Ezra is the Son of Allah," and the Christians say, "Christ is the Son of Allah." That
are their words from their (own) mouths. They use words similar to those previously
were incredulous. Allah fight them! How they can be (yet) made averted!
(End of quote)

(Comment: There are lies about the Jews and Christians in the Koran.
Both Jews and Christians would never express such nonsense. The fantasy deity of Muslims Allah is a deceiver. The false God, the falsehood in person unfortunately calls on the faithful Muslims to fight against Jews and Christians, or to fight against all who do not pray to Allah. With those misguided and misguided people, the So Christians here on earth can never live together peacefully.)

Sura 47 The Battle or Muhammad says:
20. And those who believe say, "If only a surah had been revealed!"
But if a clear Sura is sent down and the fight is mentioned in it, you will see those in whose hearts there is illness, look at you as one who is dying looks faints. Woe betide you.35. So do not become weak and call (not) to peace, when you will have the upper hand,
for Allah is with you, and He will not deprive you of your works.
(End of quote)

In Surah 62 it says, among other things.
6. Say: O ye who belong to Judaism when you claim that you have Allah's protégés under
If you are the exclusion of (other) people, then you wish (you) death if you truly
7. But they never want it because of what their hands have sent ahead. And
Allah knows about the unjust.
(End of quote)

(Comment: The Koran also states that Jews and Christians work together and that Muslims
not to trust those honest people. The Muslims are indirectly taught the doctrine of the
Hatred, which fantasy deity Allah does in any other way by informing the Jews and Christians.
as unjust peoples.)

Surah 2 says:
68. And (remember) when Mosessaid to his people, "Allah commands you, to slaughter a cow'; then they said:
"Are you mocking us?" He said, "I seek refuge with Allah, that I may is not one of the ignorant."
(End of quote)

(Lies about the religion of the Jews and their God Yahweh.)

Continue with the second surah:
87) And we already gave the Scriptures to M oses, and after him we had the messengers follow. And we
gave 'Isa, the son of Maryam, the clear evidence and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Was it
not (so) that every time an envoy brought you (Jews) something that would affect your inclinations.
did not correspond, you behaved haughtily by sending a group (of the messengers) to the lie
accused and killed a (different) group?
88. And they say, "Our hearts are veiled." No! Rather, Allah has them for their unbelief.
cursed. How little they believe!
89. And when a book came to them from Allah, confirming what was already before them - and before
They had called for a decisive victory over those who were unbelieving, when now the
to them came what they knew, they denied it. Therefore Allah's curse on the unbelievers!
90. How bad is what they have sold their souls for: that they deny what Allah has done.
Has sent down, out of resentment (about the fact that Allah reveals something of His homage to whom of
His servants He will! So they have drawn anger upon anger. And for the unbelievers there are
shameful punishment.
91. And when one says to them, "Believe in what Allah has sent down (as revelation),"
they say, "We believe in what has been sent down to us (before)," but deny
that which has been revealed later, when it is the truth, to confirm what has been revealed to them
is (already) available. Say: Why did you kill Allah's prophets before if you are believers?
92. AndM oses had come to you with the clear evidence. But then you took the calf
after him, with which you are doing wrong.
(Quote End)

(Comment: This refers to the Jews and Christians. The liar Allah who claims as Impostor acting that he created the earth and man, and that the devil Adam and expelled Eve from the Paradise Garden. In the Koran, an ominous "WE" appears several times
both in the scene when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Paradise and in the Assertion of who gave which scriptures to Moses. However, it was only the Jewish god Yahweh who gave Moses the "10 Commandments" on Mount Sinai. Now one may argue about whether the name of the Father of Jesus is Yahweh or Jehovah, but the Muslims with their impostor God the Liar Allah have nothing to do with Judaism and or Christianity.)
If the Muslim God tells lies about the Jews and Christians, then one should read the Koran maybe turn the sense and you will find the real religion. 

In 2 Surah 8 to 10 it says:
Among the people there are some who say: "We believe in Allah and in the Last Day", but they are not believers.
They want to deceive Allah and those who believe. But they only cheat on themselves without too much notice.
There is sickness in their hearts, and Allah has increased the disease to them. For them, it will To give painful punishment for the fact that they used to lie.
(End of quote)

(Comment: We don't want to believe in the mendacious false God Allah.)

In 3 Surah 23 to 26 it continues with, among other things,
Don't you see those to whom a part of scripture has been given? They become the Book of Allah so that it should judge between them. A group of them turns away from this, and they are reluctant.
This is because they say, "The (hellish) fire will only give us a certain number of days. touch." What they used to think of (in lies) has deceived them about their religion. 
But how (will it be) when We gather them for a day when there is no doubt, and every soul has what it deserves and no injustice is done to them?
Say: O Allah, Lord of dominion, Thou give dominion to whom thou wilt, and Thou withdraw the  Rule to whom you want. You make powerful who you want, and you humiliate who you want. In Your hand is (all) good. Certainly, you have the power to do everything.
(End of quote)

(Comment: once again in the Koran there are lies of Allah about the Jews and Christians. A God of only lies tell about other religions, knows that he himself only tells lies. Allah the Wrong One God is only envious of Jesus, who alone received the power of God (Yahweh ).)

In 4 Surah 50 it  says
: Look how they come up with lies against Allah! That (alone) is enough as a clear sin.
(End of quote)

(Comment: I know that at the time when the Koran was written, no Christian or Jude has ever felt it necessary to expose the liar Allah, so there is another lie in the Qur'an. As many lies as the idol Allah tells one wonders if there is anything true in this pseudo-religion is included.

6. Sure 24, 112, 137
See how they lie against themselves and (how) they have lost what they are imagining Used!
And so We have appointed enemies to every prophet: the Satans of men and the Ginn, of to whom one gives the other ostentatious words in deception - and if your Lord had wanted, they would not have done so; so let them (stand) with what they invent in lies.
And likewise, many of the idolaters have made their partners appear pleasing, their children to kill them in order to plunge them into ruin and to conceal their religion from them. When Allah they wouldn't have done it. So leave them (alone) with what they come up with in lies!
In Sura 6, 138 and 140 , the Jews and Christians are again only accused of lying.
(End of Quote)

(Comment: A strange pseudo-god who constantly speaks only of lies and deception, what the Allah wants to say about himself? Jesus spoke more of love and positive things, who will be the better God?)

Sura 7 158 says:
Say: O you men, I am the Messenger of Allah to all of you, Dem the rule of the heavens and belongs to the earth. There is no God but Him. He makes alive and lets die. So believes in Allah and His Messenger, the unwry Prophet who believes in Allah and His words,
and follow him, that ye may be rightly guided!
(End of Quote)

(Comment: In that saying, the Prophet of Islam is described as ignorant of scripture. Allah the old liars have built a mistake into the sentence. The writers of the Koran have their Fantasy deity something is added, namely the so-called prophets to whom the Muslims
should believe. Those who join God like a prophet, for example Muhammad hot end up in hellfire, is written in the Koran. Most likely, it should actually mean that Jehovah or Yahweh is the only true God and Jesus is his Son. Say: O ye men, I am the Messenger of Yahweh to all of you, To whom the dominion of the heavens and belongs to the earth. There is no God except Yahweh and Jesus. He makes alive and lets die. So believes in Yahweh and Jesus. )

In 9 Surah 42 and 43, the liars are denounced again:
If it were about close lucky goods and a moderate journey, they would truly follow you. But the Distance is too far for them. And yet they will swear to Allah, "If we could, we would truly go out with you." In the process, they destroyed themselves. But Allah knows that
they truly lie.
Allah forgive you! Why did you allow them to (stay behind) before they clear to you?
have shown who are truthful, and you know the liars?
(End of quote)

(Comment: Again, A punkt punkt refers to the lies and liars, while he himself is the greatest Liar is.)
In 10 Surah 60 and 68 to 69 it says:
What will be the opinion of those who invent lies against Allah on the day of the resurrection? Allah is truly full of homage to the people. But most of them are not grateful. 
They say, "Allah has taken children." Praise be to Him! He is the in need. He owns what in the heavens and what is on earth. You have no authorization for this. Do you want about Allah say something you don't know?
Say: Certainly, those who make lies against Allah will not be well.

(Comment: Imagining lies?, Christians and Jews have not yet done so.
made. I think I am the only one who points out that Allah is a liar and deceiver
and twisted the words and that something was added to him called Prophet Muhammad.The associated Prophet of Islam or his friends who wrote down the Koran claim the lie,
that Allah has supposedly taken children, but christians do not care what the God of Muslim liars thinks. Christians see themselves as children of God but their God is called Yahweh and Jesus and has absolutely nothing to do with Allah. Allah does not need children or
Believer. As is well known, the accompanying prophet of Islam also had no children. Jesus speaks of love and is certainly better than Allah who is only of lies, cunning and intrigue is driven.)

In 11 Surah 50 it says:
And (We sent) her brother Hud to Ad. He said, "O my people, serve Allah! You have no God
except Him. You only make up lies.
(End of quote)

(Comment: Allah finds only lies everywhere.)

In 16 Surah 105 and 106 it says:
Lies are only made by those who do not believe in Allah's sign. These are the (true) liars. Whoever denies Allah after he has (accepted) the faith - except for the one who
Is forced while his heart has found rest in faith, but whoever has his chest to the
Unbelief opens up, anger from Allah comes upon them, and for them there will be tremendous punishment.
(End of quote)

(Comment: Muslims who were forced into the religion of the false God of  Allah, such as the minor children who are forced by their parents to believe in Allah, without themselves To believe in Allah, they will not be punished by Allah.)

It continues with the 61st Surah where there are more lies of Allah about the Jews and Christians. 5. And when Moses said to his people, "O my people, why do you inflict suffering on me when you surely know that I am Allah's messenger to you?" Now, as they wandered, Allah left their hearts. digress. And Allah does not properly guide the people of the wicked.
6. And when 'Isa, the son of Maryam, said, "O children of Israel, certainly, I am Allah's messenger to you, affirming what was (revealed) of the Torah before me, and proclaiming a messenger who after me will come: his name is Ahmad (that is, the companion of Allah). When he now worked with the clear evidence came to them, they said: "This is clear magic."
7. And who is more unjust than who invents lies against Allah while calling to Islam becomes? And Allah does not properly guide the people of the unjust. (End of quote) (Comment: Allah did not seem to know at the time that the Jews were already about 600 years ago.
Christ could write and read and that they wrote down their religious texts. In finds 
Of these ancient scriptures, the name Yahweh already appears, even if the name of God should not be mentioned unnecessarily according to the 10 commandments, so that both the companion prophet and Allah did not know the name of the God of the Jews. Moses certainly doesn't have any lies and neither does Jesus. The liar seems to be Allah and his prophet.)

Post scriptum: Now the Muslims may object that the Christians then have two gods, however, this is nothing reprehensible. Also in the Greek religion of Zeus, Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Poseidon there were several gods and in the Germanic Religion there were also several gods.Although today we usually have both the Germanic religion and the Greek religion. speak only of mythologies. Perhaps we Christians should adopt the false pseudo-religion of the Muselmans also see it more as mythology. The mythology of the Muslims, the legends, Stories and fairy tales of muslims.

The Koran is a chauvinistic anti-Semitic diatribe. (Also applies to Christians .)
I do not know whether religious freedom can be restricted and calls to fight against other people or even murder can be declared forbidden, but I would like it, because in the secular European states, freedom of expression stops at the call for crimes. I would like it if religious freedom here knows the same limits as freedom of expression.