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Have you read the children's book "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

In the children's book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher-Stowe, as befits a novel, there are both truths and lies. Unfortunately, little children don't notice it. The lies we've all read in children's books only strike us as adults. On the tour you can and always have been able to convey ideology to entire generations of children and adolescents.

The main lie in the book is the claim that the word "nigger" is a dirty word. According to wikipedia, Ms. Beecher-Stowe comes from a Protestant family of pastors and should actually be able to speak Latin. I myself noticed this only a few years ago, but the Latin word "niger" translated into English means "black and dark" and that's what black people in America call themselves today.
The continent of Africa was historically explored and surveyed by upper-class white people and geographic names were given to rivers. The river Niger, so just called dark river. 
Mrs. Beecher-Stowe apparently deliberately wrote a lie when she misspelled the word niger with double gg's.
In the German language the people have some problems with pronouncing the words Niger for the river, since the word is written with a so-called short "i" while there is still the long "ie". Many people pronounce the name of the Niger River with a long "ie".

If the slave owner in the USA belonged to the financial and intellectual upper class, then he had learned the foreign language "Latin" in his youth and he called the black slave, "black" in Latin = niger.

There is no word "nigger". It's a made-up word. A dialect written down like Bavarian or Saxon. If the novelist had remained factual, she would have noticed that the term "Black Tom" is not an insult, but a fact. It is well known that it is not an insult to say “white woman or man X or Y” to a person with white skin.

Me and many others with me, we were lied to from the start. The adults say, "Well, a novel, like a feature film a la Independence Day, fairy tales like the Brothers Grimm, is just fantasy, the book doesn't claim to be a factual documentary."