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Israel Palestine Conflict

The 2021 Israel-Gaza conflict began on May 10, 2021 and ended with a ceasefire on May 21, 2021.
Unjust and unjust war and terror against Israel
War against Israel has been raging once more for 8 days. This latest war was started against Israel by the Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon, which now have more than 3,300 rockets fired Israel. Since May 10, 2021 we have had what is known as a “ceasefire”.
Just last summer, Mr. Netanyahu was once again in Washington DC among the senseless and humiliating peace conferences that Americans have attended since the 1970s celebrate.

As a result of the  Yom Kippur War , US Secretary  of State Henry Kissinger  increasingly relied on one diplomatic solution. He thus established the role of the United States as the main mediator in the Middle East conflict.    

The Americans are not too lucky in conveying the so-called peace efforts. The mega faux pas was precisely the Palestinian Arafat of contacts to PLO and Hamas has to award the Nobel Peace Prize. The Americans would too
subsequently being able to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler and the joy of the Israelis wouldn't have been bigger. Joe Biden, who on May 12, 2021 called on Israel to work towards de-escalation, is also having an effect
not too Israel-friendly, especially since he then announced on May 14, 2021 that he was the aggressive attacker
from the Gaza Strip want to support in the future.
Actually, the only question is, is the country on the eastern Mediterranean entitled to the Israelis?

Many Muslims here already say no.
However, the same Muslims find it quite normal that they are invaders like in the Moorish Empire when Arab Muslims wanted to invade Europe.
According to ancient religious texts, the Jews have rights of existence and life in the eastern Mediterranean in a fairly large area. Since the old religious texts also state that the Jews should not mix with other peoples, but should not insist on it to live with them, the Jews would have to operate the State of Israel as a Muslim-free zone.

One is only a full-fledged Jew if one adheres 100% to the rules of one's own God. If you cross out 50% of God's commandments in your mind and don't want to follow them, you are already sinners and hypocrites in and of themselves. Of course, Jews are allowed to live outside of Israel.

My peace proposal is that the Palestinians voluntarily evacuate the Gaza Strip and that West Bank as well as the Muslims who, in a crazy way, in Jerusalem or other cities in Israel permanently leave these areas and immigrate to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or to Yemen.

Israel should already act much more aggressively against states like Lebanon, when they shoot rockets at Israel. Israel should show the Muslims that it's not worth it. 
Likewise, Israel would have to occupy the Al-Aqusa mosque as in the 6-day war and fly the Israeli flag called the roof. The Israelis should convert that mosque into a Jewish synagogue.  The wrong TV pictures have been going around the world for decades anyway. When the TV stations of the world show the holy mountain of the Israelis, there is a foreign religious one building on their national shrine.

That must bother every Israeli.
This is unacceptable.
That has to be changed.
Even if the Muslims don't like it, but have problems with the Muslims the Israelis today, where this is not the case. It can't get any worse.
The world public has too little sympathy for the Jews in Israel.
People from all over the world visiting Israel can use their passports in certain countries Arab states no longer enter: If an Israeli stamp is emblazoned in the passport, states refuse such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran allow entry.
In their own interest, the Israelis had to protect themselves from so-called suicide bombers wall in to protect them, or they have built a wall around their country. And are now like before West Berlin, walled in.

This cannot remain a permanent state.
Another better solution must be found.
The State of Israel and the Jewish people have the right to exist and live in the Mediterranean Sea on one large country which is not interrupted by foreign religious Palestinian tribes. All other countries in the world have the same right.
Israel should annex the so-called Palestinian territories and allow the Muslims to emigrate to the Push Iran, Iraq or Egypt.
We would subsequently have a new peace and disputes with so-called Palestinians in their own country would no longer exist.
Were the few million Palestinian people interested in a quiet, peaceful life then they should actually come up with the idea of ​​their own accord that it would be nicer for them when they live in peaceful calm Iran among their own kind in a much larger country could. The Saudi royal family would also like to have the fellow believers in their own country house them permanently and are just as happy to give them a new home. 
The Muslims should be just as enthusiastic as many ex-GDR citizens who are after Hungary left West Germany.
Land gain after wars?

I am told that since the end of World War II it has not been common that in wars there is land gain.
That would almost have to be wrong, because the Allied States in Europe have the German Reich in the East stole land and handed it over to the state of Poland. That happened at the end of the second world war.
On August 21, 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.
At the end of the 1950s, there was still land gain through acts of war.
Israel also has this right.


Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

today I would like to offer a brief overview of the popularity of Jews in Germany and the USA.

How popular are Jews today?
Unfortunately, there is colloquially something like the "Holocaust religion", which the Jews carry in front of them on a silver platter and with which they take every person worldwide by surprise.
Some of the affected Christians and atheists logically do not find this too great. Holocaust memorial here, Holocaust memorial there and even in the USA a Holocaust museum. The permanent memory of wounds of the Second World War and the eternal desire to keep alive what has happened, so that the wound must not heal, is perhaps rather unfavorable overall. Opening a daily newspaper and a report about a Holocaust survivor every week, 52 times a year, I don't know if it's so well received.
We all learned a lot in history lessons, whether we went to school in Russia, America or Europe, and the history of the Second World War was also discussed in detail.
In times of a changing world situation, I would find it almost advisable to look for new friends and they will only find them among the Christian states due to religion. As  already discussed, the USA as a friend has unfortunately been lost to you since the last Israel-Palestine conflict in May 2021.

Maybe one Holocaust memorial was just too much?  And the Americans were not to blame for the Holocaust.
Friends are important if you want to survive here on earth.