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Darwinism / Big Bang Theory

Freedom of speech, diversity of opinion!
What is true, what is false?

We all learn the theory of the origin of species in schools around the world and, in some cases, recently also the so-called Big Bang Theory.
Every religious person must of course reject both, because God is responsible for it.

Big Bang Theory, just imagine the so-called intelligent people like professors standing up and claiming that once in nothing positive and negative electrons rubbed against each other until a lot of energy was released and this led to the Big Bang. This big bang created so much matter out of nothing that all star clusters of this galaxy have developed from it.

Extremely large amounts of rocky matter were created from air from zero matter, sufficient for many, many stars in space.
At school, our trained children have to parrot everything the teacher says about Darwinism and the Big Bang theory if they want to get good grades, but fortunately we adults get grades. Honestly, do you believe everything you're told?

Do you really think the big bang theory is true?

Unfortunately, I haven't found any good videos in English that expose both the Big Bang theory and Darwinism as lies.

Our mainstream media institutions have recently shown us beautiful documentaries on TV about the formation of the earth, as if the camera were hanging in space. Really well done. But is that true?

I don't want to make that decision for you.
As a responsible citizen, you must decide for yourself what is true and what is false.